Patrick H.

Why I Float

As an educator and school administrator, stress is an ever-present reality. A former Theatre teacher, I had a “toolkit” of relaxation exercises, guided meditations, and practiced self-talk to calm and redirect me.  However the reality that consisted of infrequent exercise, meditation filled with “mind chatter”, and fragmented attempts of relaxation proved unbeneficial and chronic stress eventually manifested in a life-altering stroke.

I was fortunate that the stroke only impacted my physical well-being, leading me on a recovery journey, filled with hours of traditional physical therapy,  As the body healed, floating allowed me an opportunity for “Mindful Therapy.” Floating provided a safe space to unplug and reconnect with myself. The result has been extremely positive and I wholeheartedly recommend floating to let the body go, and let the mind flow. I continue to float as part of a newfound stress management regiment.