Mark W.

Why I Float

I am the type of person that has been guilty of putting myself on the back burner for years. After developing businesses that help people and taking care of family and friends, I continue to burn the candle at both ends and keep a great attitude, but the body can only take so much.

Over the last 25 years or so, I have trained, taught and competed in martial arts training and fitness boot camps without always utilizing proper foot wear and other equipment. I have a bone on bone condition to both knees which can be irritated due to over activity. I also, had a lower back injury that doesn't give great  problems as well as repeated shoulder overuse.

I described these issues to Dr. David Berv as I went for my first float. I knew from speaking with him, how much compression is taken off of your body from the anti-gravity aspect of floating, which was great. But, the mental attributes were awesome and welcomed. 

Upon completion of my first session, I had relief to my entire body as if I had a massage. But again, the mental release and ability to have deeper more creative thought and plasticity was so awesome I felt renewed!

Mark leaning on barn.JPG

I have often fallen asleep towards the end of my sessions, but started taking notes of my thoughts. The last two sessions I did, I didn't fall asleep but was mentally able to workout so many things because of the lack of distractions. For me, the mental plasticity I experience allows me to go pretty deep in my ability to find answers and options. I love it!!!

I try to float as often as I can and would recommend it to anyone. I work on mindfulness and have experience with meditation, but the environment that floating creates give you a multiplier of at least 50. I recommend it to everyone and look forward to my next float!

Mark has lived in the Chesterfield Co area for 22 years. He loves music, entertainment and impacting lives. More About Mark:
-Multi Line Insurance Agent and Risk Advisor at Mark Winn Insurance Agency

-Owner/Instructor at Winning Warrior Krav Maga

-Author of The Chickens Will Tell on You, Farm Life Lessons: Wisdom for Family, Life and Living