Brian M.

Why I Float

As a combat veteran, I brought back much trauma and emotional scarring. This was the spark that started me towards exploring inwards and discovering what I was experiencing and holding on to from that time.  My journey finally led to my life mission to become Fear Sherpa, a coach for individuals who want to address and manage their fears, big and small.  In turn, this is how I discovered floating and its benefits to me. 

I use floating:
1. To turn off the inner monologue and take a break from the shame and guilt loop that I found myself.  The float experience allowed space to practice saying and eventually meaning, "I love me."

2. Floating provides a safe space in life's hurricane, floating has been a the eye to that storm. Also by being in a more calm mind state, there are solutions to problems found that I wouldn't be able to see if under tremendous stress, fear or anxiety. 

3. It was in floating that I was able to find forgiveness as a pivotal part of a long healing process from the military.

4. Sometimes when I need thinking space or working content for Fear Sherpa, the float tank is where I've found some of my greatest insights.  The summary of my work, "Fear in the hands of a master becomes a superpower, fear in the hands of the untrained can be deadly," was revealed to me in a tank at The Float Zone. 

5. In addition to the passive therapy that floating provides, I have added active therapy with breath work, visualization, future casting, and "I love me's " during my float sessions.

6. During prolonged periods of high output and stress, I use floating to get ahead of sleep debt and induce higher quality sleep for days after the float. 

The float tank is a powerful space to escape pain and fear, to find healing and forgiveness, and to receive inspiration for challenging problems!

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