Who We Are  

Dr. David A. Berv 

Founded and has clinically directed the most iconic and well awarded interdisciplinary healing arts center in Richmond’s history, and his 30-year involvement in the healing arts have been punctuated by frequent features in magazines and radio.   

His chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy practice was largely influenced by his years living and studying amongst the integrative medical models of the Pacific Northwest while getting his doctorate degree in the early 90’s.  In 1997, Berv brought a unique alternative medical approach to Richmond with Back In Action Health Resource Center (www.feelgr8.com).

Dr. Berv quickly became a community healthcare leader and co-founded The Richmond Mind-Body Network, which featured community educational platforms to educate both the public as well as alternative and medical practitioners how to best utilize health care services in an integrated approach for physical and mental health issues. 

Dr. Berv developed a reputation for good outcomes with difficult musculoskeletal cases. He served on hospital panels, has been the team chiropractor for multiple professional sports teams, and has treated high-level athletes in almost every sport.  In 2001, Berv patented a national golf performance teaching and training program, Innerswing.  With this program, he worked closely with hundreds of teaching and touring PGA/LPGA golf professionals. 

Over the years, Dr. Berv and his clinic has been voted “Best in Richmond” many times in multiple categories. In 2015 alone, Dr. Berv received awards for Best Doctor (Richmond Magazine), Best Chiropractor(Style Weekly) and Best Bedside Manner (Our Health).  Also in 2015 his clinic won awards for Best Alternative Health Services and Best Massage Therapy (Style Weekly), as well as and Best Chiropractic Center (Richmond Times Dispatch).

Dr. Berv suffered a career modifying back injury at the height of his career several years ago, which involved multiple surgically indicated disc herniations.  He chose not to get surgery, but instead to reduce his workload and to seek alternative treatments. One of these treatments was the use of floatation therapy.  What began with the use of concentrated Epsom salt baths, led to purposeful travel across the US and Canada to experience multiple commercial float centers and to try many different styles of floatation therapy and styles of float pods. Dr. Berv acquired a home float tank and has been experiencing the first hand benefits of floating by floating weekly for years.  This personal experience from both a patient and doctor perspective has provided a valuable vehicle for understanding floatation therapy’s true mind-body healing value.  This wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with a deep concern for the physical and mental health of the greater Richmond community, has provided a steppingstone for the development of The Float Zone. 

Stephanie Berv

Began her working career in public accounting within a small firm in Hartford, CT, which primarily catered to the medical profession. After moving to Boston in the early 80’s her professional course switched when she joined Deloitte and Touche. Her specialty became working with and advising small and emerging businesses. Her passion for start-ups continued throughout her career as she consulted with many businesses from high tech to biotech, exhibit and design companies to your local “mom and pop” shops. She has engaged with many companies both private and public, from the east to west coast and held many positions including controller, financial manager and chief financial officer.

When she moved to Richmond in the late 90’s, she left the corporate world to assist her husband, Dr. David A. Berv, in the creation of what has become the largest and most successful alternative healthcare center in Richmond’s history.  Stephanie has served as Back In Action’s operations manager since 1998.

Stephanie now finds a new position in the emerging and exciting industry of floating.  She is a partner in this operation and her background is perfectly suited to play a role as its financial manager.

Christopher "Woody" Cheuk

Grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where he first learned the importance of family and a healthy lifestyle.  He attended college in North Carolina and moved to Richmond for graduate school, luckily meeting his wife in the process.   In the summer of 2014, Woody left the unique demands of the legal world to stay at home with his two children, Christopher and Charlotte (a third, Joshua, has since joined the family).

The paradigm shift in the Cheuks' life gave Woody the opportunity to prioritize his family and capitalize on the freedom to achieve a personal goal of owning and operating a business committed to enriching the lives of those in Richmond.  A provider-patient relationship with Dr. David Berv to treat chronic sports-related injuries led to a chance conversation between them about floating, something Woody had recently read about and heard on a popular podcast.  His discussions with Dr. Berv, who turned out traveled extensively with his wife for the purpose of floating, fostered a growing partnership.  Through this collaboration, the health and mental benefits of floatation therapy are now available in Richmond at The Float Zone.