Float Therapy Mitigates Arthritis

Float Therapy Mitigates Arthritis

Float therapy mitigates the pain, inflammation and lack of mobility associated with arthritis. From anti-inflammatory action, to stress reduction, to improvements in sleep, immunity and mood, floatation is safe, effective and accessible.

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Water and Floating


    One of Four Float Rooms at the Float ZOne in Richmond, Virginia

    One of Four Float Rooms at the Float ZOne in Richmond, Virginia

It takes up most of the planet and makes up most of our body.  We feel good being in it, on it or around it.  We often don’t get enough of it.  When was your last glass of water.

A shortage of potable water has become a major issue in some parts of the country.   In many parts of the world, water supplies are contaminated. Sometimes, evening the pursuit of clean drinking water, our hopes are dashed with hidden contaminants or harmful plastics.

A glass of water first thing in the morning can go a long way towards a healthy body.  Drinking coffee, tea, juices, colas and energy drinks can be dehydrating.  And dehydration can lead to many other problems, such as headaches or the persistence of pain. Instead of popping that aspirin, consider a glass of good old H2O. How much water in ounces, does one need each day? Take your body weight, and divide it in half.

It may seem strange, but there are benefits to adding salt to your daily water consumption. Celtic or Himalayan sea salts, although located half a world apart, contain the most mineralized, beneficial salts on the planet.  Adding a pinch of either type of salt to your water is like drinking the healthiest Gatorade or electrolyte replacement drink. 

You can also benefit from water by floating in it. Float pods or floatation, is becoming a very popular recreational and personal wellness activity.  Floatation involves a fiberglass enclosed large tub filled with 10” of skin temperature water, which is saturated with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt. Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate salt, has a ton of health benefits.  Also, when you proportionally add that much of it, you are able to float face up effortlessly.  It’s a strange, but relaxing and rejuvenating experience when you remove gravity from the equation. What a difference it can make in both mind and body.

There is nothing like a tall, cool, pure glass of water.  There is also nothing like floating.  Both are good for you, but not at the same time.  Make sure not to drink too much water before your float so you and your bladder can enjoy it.  Then drink plenty of water afterwards, to leave hydrated and happy.

Come float in the pristine crystal clear water in any of the four float rooms at The Float Zone!