Matt P.

Why I Float

As a busy entrepreneur and father of 3, I found myself needing balance and energy.  I really found myself yearning for peace of mind and something that was just for me as my work with hoarding and estate cleanout grew around the country and led to hosting the TV show HOARDERS. That’s when I found floating.  Simply put, it saved me.. As a lifelong Richmonder, I combine stand up paddle boarding on the James River and floating as complete escapes. I float regularly now to relax, focus and chill.  Floating has helped me reach a level of peace that I’ve never found anywhere else. 

I’ll leave it the experts to talk about the health benefits but I can say as a person that has a crazy hectic life, floating simply helps me relax from a never ending schedule and lets me enjoy the “NOW.”  Physically and spiritually, I’ll continue to float as long as The Float Zone lets me in the front door.

Learn more about Matt Paxton, founder of Wayforth and host of the TV show HOARDERS.

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