Peter B.

Why I Float

After discovering “floatation therapy” approximately two years ago (surprising to me since it has been around for so long), I immediately recognized its value as it easily allowed me to get into a relatively deep meditative state.  This targets the “subconscious" state of mind that allows ones mind to become meditative and receptive to all sorts of personal suggestions for a positive affect, effectively shortcutting the major amount of time and practice needed to become proficient in “meditation”.

As an Anesthesiologist by trade and an Osteopathic doctor, I thoroughly understand the autonomic nervous system that controls our physical body.  Over many years I have come to appreciate, by studying holistic medicine, hypnosis, acupuncture and biofeedback, the long-term physical affects this nervous system has over our body and subsequently its affect on our overall physical and emotional health. 

There is a growing community on-line to help a curious individual understand floatation therapy. Please look into it before dismissing it and experience floating three times before deciding it is not for you.  My first three floats were very different.  Be open minded for self positive change. As always…..”whatever works"!