Where Floatation and Art Meet


Does floatation therapy affect the mind of an artist?  Falling in love with an art piece, like love itself, is in the eye of the beholder.  Everyone has their own understanding and interpretation of both love and of art.  Individual expressions of both love and art are also what pronounce the beauty within it.  

Both love and art can have good days full of creativity and bad days filled with mental roadblocks. Often it is a matter of just gaining perspective by slowing down and appreciating the moment that reinstates the flow of creativity. Sometimes, doing nothing, like floating, can be profound and restorative to the creative spirit. This is especially relevant to artists.  Artists can use floating and the art of doing nothing to detach, to unplug, and to stimulate a new view of the world, the self, and of course its expression.


Todd Hale, professional artist in Richmond, VA, explores how he uses floatation therapy to enhance his artistic expression.

Many years ago, inspired by the work of Todd Hale, renowned Richmond, Virginia artist, I purchased, at an art show, one of his pieces which is still on display in my home.  I had the pleasure of visiting Todd’s studio in 2017, where I gained more insight into his work and together, we reflected on his more recent pieces. These were very different than his earlier work. This concept led us down the path of floatation therapy and how it can affect the mind of an artist. 

Shortly after this time, Todd began to float regularly.  We talked regularly about many things, but mostly the concept of where floating meets art and where art meets floating. Then he gave me one of his creations, entitled “Remember When."

This intentional gift from Todd sparked a desire to interact with and to display the visions and interpretations of community artists within the context and interplay of how floating inspires and brings new love and new insights.

Beginning in February, the month of love, and continuing into the Spring, we will feature the works of Todd Hale at our inaugural showing of  “Where Floating and Art Meet."  Here is one such image on display at The Float Zone.  We welcome anyone, whether in for a float or simply a curious art enthusiast in for a visit, to enjoy this mind-opening art display from a talented local artist!  

-Dr. David Berv, Chief Experience Officer of The Float Zone