Cancer and Floating


We all have a friend or family member who has been touched by cancer.  The diagnosis and subsequent management of cancer is a life changer.  Your life perspectives change overnight and forever.  Priorities shift.  

The treatment of cancer is a big deal.  Despite the technological advances in the detection and removal of tumors, medical management leaves a trail of emotional and physical damage. Finding ways to empower oneself during times of fatigue, body aches, and various immune system compromises presents a serious challenge. 

Floating is a good example of an alternative medical therapy that can assist an individual in the various stages of cancer and remission.  Floatation therapy, otherwise known as floating or  R. E. S. T. (restricted environmental stimulus therapy), is showing incredible promise and popularity in the cancer arena.   

Floatation is an instant mind and muscle relaxer.  It is like meditating without having ever practiced meditation, like receiving the effects of a full body massage without being touched and like getting the most restful sleep without really sleeping - all in one hour.  Parts of the brain are activated that help the body with restoration, rejuvenation and inspiration. Not sleeping well? Float. Anxious? Float. Pain? Float.

Imagine a sleek 9 foot by 5 foot fiberglass moulded “pod” with a hinged lid, containing 10” of skin temperature water (94 degrees) and 1000 pounds of Epsom salt, or magnesium salts.  You are in a private room with a shower.  You shower, insert earplugs, climb into this pod, lie on your back and float effortlessly for an hour like a cork. The water is more dense than the Dead Sea and you are completely supported. 

You can customize the experience by closing the lid or leaving it open, leaving the light on or turning it off from within the pod so you are in complete darkness.  Also, you can choose to be in silence or listen to soothing, ambient music.  Regardless of the way you choose to experience your float, it will minimize sensory stimuli ( including gravity ) which offers a chance for the mind to unplug and the body to heal. You soak up the healthy magnesium salts.  You emerge feeling distinctively different. And it lasts. The more you float, the better you feel.  

With regard to cancer and floating, it is always recommended to include your medical doctor or oncology specialist about your choice to try floating, before you float. Your doctor may suggest that floating should be avoided immediately after times like infusions, radiation and any surgery that involves a healing incision.  

Floating should be a consideration for anyone in the process of managing the various stages of cancer and remission, as it presents a unique and effective way to address the body and mind.