Tiffany J.

Why I Float

I float because taking good care of myself is the best thing I can do for my family and the people who rely on me. As a business owner, wife, and mother of three, I am always juggling massive responsibility and equally substantial stress. I serve my community on boards, committees and through volunteerism. Work/life balance is something I take just as seriously as my professional and service commitments. I think of self-care like the oxygen mask on an airplane: You have to put your mask on first before helping anyone else.

Floating provides me with a unit of time to experience total serenity, silence, and suspension in soothing water. I try to schedule plenty of time to spend in the relaxation room after my float, and nothing after that. It is the most peaceful way to end any day, but particularly the ones where I just need to let go. Whether it's pain management, post-workout fatigue, or just an opportunity to relax, floating is my go-to for soothing self-care. Treat yourself to a float. You deserve it! 

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