Robin C.

Why I Float

In 2010 was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia leading to chronic fatigue and insomnia. I went through many pain medications, sleeping pills, holistic medicine and almost anything I could find (legally) to get relief, to no avail.  I saw a video on float therapy on one of my morning news show and did my research.  That is when I found The Float Zone.  I started floating in Jan. 2016 and now float at least once a week. 

It has lessened the effects of anxiety, depression, and has lowered my pain level.  I am no longer taking pain meds on a daily basis (just on occasion). I am now able to get a good nights rest and feel refreshed in the morning. I have recommended floating to family and friends as well as my doctors.  Many have started floating with me. I am now a much happier person. Thank you to The Float Zone