The Float Zone's Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To empower the local community by offering floatation therapy to assist one’s pursuit of a healthy mind and body. 

Our Vision

To establish a diverse web of connected community relationships that values floatation as a complement to fostering physical and mental health. 

Your Lifestyle 

You may be following recommendations to float through the advice of a medical or alternative healthcare professional. You may be seeking physical or mental wellness. You may simply seek the inspiration and excitement of a new experience.

Whatever your reason, floating blends well with your world!

Why We Float





Trying new and different therapies has always been easy.  I grew up in a very eclectic family and was introduced to numerous healing arts practices, such as crystals, color healing, energy work, acupuncture, martial arts, yoga and meditation at a very young age. I have integrated my love and understanding of alternative therapies both personally and professionally.  I have reached a very high level of neuro-musculo-skeletal specialization and recognition.

Ironically, I have also spent much of my career managing my own chronic back pain with multiple incapacitating incidents, cumulating with a major episode in 2013.  MRI studies indicated multiple disc herniations for which surgery was suggested. 

During this pain episode, I was visiting family in Boulder, Colorado and I tried floating.  I emerged from the floatation session with a significant reduction in pain, along with such an uplifted and relaxed emotional state.  It was transforming.  I realized in that moment, I could avoid surgery, along with a float tank for my home, lifestyle modification and continuing to practice what I preach to others. 

While in the process of getting a home float tank, I experienced a rapid and progressive neurological issue in my legs, feet and torso from what I initially thought was from severe disc herniations.  Medical intervention led to many more MRI’s and tests, only to find a constellation of symptoms consistent with multiple sclerosis. The neurosurgeon expressed a 50% chance that I might not walk again due to the surgical locations, coupled with an underlying central nervous system dysfunction created by the MS.  Faced with both incapacitating pain and a neurological disease that distorts and magnifies both physical and emotional states, I literally collapsed from within while trying to maintain a personal and professional life.  

I floated in my home float tank almost daily during this time. The physical and emotional improvements that consistent floating provided, enabled me to avoid surgery and to manage my multiple sclerosis - without experimental medications.  

Having been a pioneer in alternative medicine in Richmond, VA for over two decades and constantly seeking new and different options for those with physical and mental disability, it became clear that I needed to bring floating to Richmond.  

This began a gradual process to move away from clinical practice towards a vision of re-purposing my skill set and helping others on a broader scale.  The Float Zone was inspired by my journey towards physical and emotional wellness.  

I float weekly to manage pain. I float to visualize the reduction and elimination of brain and spinal cord lesions.  I float to ease the anxiety of chronic pain and the mind games that MS plays with the brain.  I float to be able to exercise regularly and reduce post-exercise soreness.  I float to clear my mind.  I float to give me energy. I float because it enhances all aspects of my life.  

Through my personal challenges, I hope to be an inspiration, an example and a resource for those seeking to overcome any disability and to enjoy life to its fullest.

-Dr. David Berv


“Life is a Balance”

Growing up with a disabled father, I learned at a very young age, the value of a healthy, active lifestyle. I also learned the importance of a positive attitude. Childhood lessons and heroes have instilled a lifelong inspiration for a mind and body balance. Working most of my career in fast-paced corporate America, it was often a challenge to maintain a level of stability.  I have pursued this challenge through healthy cooking and eating, through exercising regularly, and also receiving monthly massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic.  I love being outdoors, both in the mountains and by the water.   I love to cook, to hike, to garden and to kayak.  But most of all, I love to float. 

There is nothing like floating that takes me down a notch.  It is my ultimate rejuvenation place.  It is my instant meditation, my total “me” time.  I can get away from all the lights, noises, phones and people for an hour and come back fully recharged, rejuvenated and ready.   I float because I get to forget about everything and think of nothing.  Floating is my “go to” escape place. Floating gets me back in balance.  -Stephanie Berv

Floating has been a wonderful complement to my active lifestyle.  As I have gotten older and seen loved ones around me age, I understand the importance of proper treatment and relaxation for my body.  I enjoy exercise and recreational team sports. Recovering from this impact on my body takes longer and longer but floating has helped my recovery in an effective and efficient way.  Floating is not just for the physical body.  It provides relaxation and a moment of peace for my mind which for me might be the most important benefit of floating.  

There are many externalities  in our day to day life (ie, family obligations, the 24 hour news-cycle, smartphones, email, work stress,etc.) that easily distract us from focusing on our own internal well-being and listening to our inner thoughts.  By floating in complete darkness and the absence of sound, I am able to not only relax my physical body but I can focus on issues in my mind.  This mental focus can vary from self-examination (such as exploring how my actions affect others), to creative problem-solving (entering the tank with a question) to meditative (discovering it is the end of a float and you are completely relaxed is an amazing feeling!).  

Some label floating as a form as sensory deprivation.  Instead I see it as sensory enhancement.  I come out of a float more aware - colors are brighter, sounds are clearer, my body feels lighter, and I feel more connected to the Earth.  Floating is a wonderful stress reliever from the demands of life and after a float, minor inconveniences in day to day life seem so small and insignificant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Woody Cheuk