Amy G.

Amy is currently a senior completing her degree in psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. She grew up in Northern Virginia and has always been very passionate about psychology and the mental health field. Amy aspires to become a counselor to help people on the journey to recovery from substance abuse and alcohol addiction.

During a health psychology course, Amy learned the importance of mindfulness and the effect that daily stress in life takes on both our physical and mental health. She learned about floating and now floats to help relieve symptoms of anxiety and PTSD, and to give herself time to unplug from the outside world and reflect on things. Floating also simultaneously diminishes pain in her joints from years of lacrosse, and a knee injury from an unfortunate accident. Amy has found that floating has a multitude of benefits for her.

In her free time. Amy enjoys being outside in the fresh air, looking at and collecting art, going to concerts, and spending quality time with my friends and family. She has three cats. The youngest kitten is Bean and two older brothers that are twins.